CDR reports stop working module are "not running"

Hello guys, I got freepbx and all of sudden CDR stops working i checked master.csv file its also empty i can see all calls in “calls event logging” but CDR shows no results also when i run “module show like cdr” it shows something like this …

CLI Command

Module Description Use Count Status Support Level Tell Asterisk to not maintain a CDR for 0 Running core Fork The CDR into 2 separate entities 0 Running core Adaptive ODBC CDR backend 0 Running core Asterisk Manager Interface CDR Backend 0 Not Running core ODBC CDR Backend 0 Not Running extended Customizable syslog CDR Backend 0 Not Running core Call Detail Record (CDR) dialplan functi 0 Running core
7 modules loaded

i think those " not running" module are problem but i dont know how to activate them …

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