CDR Reports - Repeated entry

Good Afternoon Colleagues
I hope you are doing good and safe. I was checking the CDR reports for my customer and i found there is many entries for one caller ID as below:

I just hide the caller ID .

All those entries and more for just one caller ID and as you can see it all at the same time (Sun, 24 Apr 2022 16:51)

May i know the reason for this?

Best Regards

You are getting one record for each attempt to call a member of the queue. Firstly, you will obviously get an entry for each member attempted, but, also, Asterisk operates a cycle in which it builds a list of currently available members, tries to call them, according to the strategy selected, then kills the calls, waits a short time, then repeats.

Hi David55
Thx for your replay . I have 3 queue members .

What i understand from your replay that no member replay for this call . Is that true ?

Best Regards

Looks like one returned busy and two didn’t reply.

Thx David for your help

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