CDR - Reports outbound source problem and NOT Recording

We are having a problem with the reports as well as the recordings for monitored calls…

any of the calls made to us come in fine as well as the inbound calls (extension to extension)

But when an extension makes an outbound call source only shows the CID nothing else what is the problem here? Source is left blank…

looks as if its any of the calls with the context from-internal don’t show the source with any outbound calls from that extension.

I have looked into outbound routes and all looks fine.
But maybe could use a bit more insight?

Anyone else having these problems?

Ok can someone tell me where does the CDR pull the tag SOURCE from, or what I should be looking for in verbosity?

I believe that it is an outbound route problem, but don’t see where or how?

I don’t think changing the CID will help this, because it shows the caller id but doesn’t show the “source” which extension is making the outbound call.

This is really driving us crazy trying to figure out the reason why this is not working properly.

Also noted for some of the internal calls it states they are being picked up by s

what is s and how can we get this to output the extension that did pickup the call?

Thanks any help will be greatly appreciated.

Someone please help

Anyone know what could be causing this?

Just now noticed that we have tried to bring up a recording of a conference call made to an outside conference line number.

And it appears that it is not recording these outbound calls, or any out bound calls for that matter either.

Within everyones extension settings it is set to Always record.

But for some odd reasoning when I log into the ARI as Admin and go to call monitor setting the option On-Demand is selected. And will not alloy my to select Always record. It will select until I click the Update button, then it goes back to selecting On-Demand. Don’t know if it is related but may help out.

Please help me get this worked out, we really need this to work.

Much thanks in advance,


Had noticed that not everyone had record always enabled. After gonig through noticed some were getting recorded and some were not.

But still would really like to know what extension made those outbound calls, and the source still shows blank for outbound calls.

Source shows blank in the reports as well but can tell what extension made the calls by the channel.