CDR Reports not working!

Hey everyone, the problem I’m having is that when I go on the FreePBX portal to the CDR Reports page and try to pull up a report I get nothing. I checked the database and cdr table and it was empty. I also get this error in the Asterisk log:

WARNING[1243]: func_cdr.c:349 cdr_write_callback: CDR requires a value (CDR(variable)=value)

Any idea what the problem is? Thanks.

What versions are you using?

The FreePBX version? It is 12.0.1rc21


@errentazaria can I assume you are also running Asterisk 12 or 13?

@reconwireless Yes thats correct, and FreePBX has all the latest modules all updated.

CDR’s are not working properly in Asterisk 12 or 13 yet… I would suggest you hit the CLI and change the version of Asterisk on your system.


And put it on Asterisk 11, unless you need some functionality provided by 12 or 13…

See this wiki link for full instructions

@reconwireless Okay I will definatly consider this but is there any major features that differs between V12.5 and V11? Is there maybe a site that you can link that compares the two? Also are you saying its impossible to fix this problem in version 12 or is there a work around?