CDR Reports not showing CID for Queues

Hello, this is my first posting and I apologize that it is a problem I need help with. My company has many clients that are either using custom VOIP systems or in the process of switching to one. We use FreePBX for all of them, and normally I have no trouble getting it to do what they need, but I’ve run into an issue I cannot work my way around.

Basically, there are a few people who like to have their calls forwarded to their cell phones when it is on DND, so I set that up for them. But they didn’t want queue calls getting forwarded, so I set the Queues to not forward, which worked fine. The problem is, when the Queue’s are set to not forward, for some reason the CDR reports do not affix the CID prefixes to those queue calls. so instead of showing up as “QueueOne5551231212” The calls just show up as “5551231212”. They need the QueueOne at the beginning because they deal with sales, and they need to calculate which employees got calls from the Queues, they can normally search for CID: Begins with “Queue” and that works great, but not when call forwarding is on. I assume there is no easy/known fix and the best solution would be a work-around, but I haven’t found a work-around that can do what I need. I would appreciate any tips or advice greatly, and if it would require programming work our client may be willing to pay for it, so you can always send me a PM.