CDR reports gives 3 entries for each call

Hi all.
I’m trying to tune my CDR reports, so i’ll actually can use them for statical purporses.
My problem right now is that every time i call someone internal, there is generated 3 entries in the report log:

2014-03-04 10:10:41 1393924241.3914 asterisk 4588770235 Dial tdial NO ANSWER 00:02

2014-03-04 10:10:41 Call recording 1393924241.3912 "Sofus Albertsen "<204> "Sofus Albertsen "<204> Dial 88770235 NO ANSWER 00:02

2014-03-04 10:10:40 1393924240.3910 "Sofus Albertsen "<204> "Sofus Albertsen "<204> Dial 0235 NO ANSWER 00:03

The first (from buttom to top) is what’s actually is called.
The second is what i’m calling my Lync server with (appended numbers).
The third, i’m not sure of.
Is it a misconfiguration of Freepbx, or what?
And why is “asterisk” user making calls on my behalf?

Thanks in advance.
-Sofus Albertsen

Going through the log file, I can see that one call in total makes three calls:
[2014-03-04 10:27:53] VERBOSE[22970][C-0000154f] pbx.c: – Executing [s@macro-dialout-trunk:22] Dial(“SIP/204-00000702”, “SIP/Lync2013/88770235,300,Tt”) in new stack
[2014-03-04 10:27:54] VERBOSE[22976][C-00001550] pbx.c: – Executing [s@macro-dialout-trunk:22] Dial(“SIP/Lync2013-00000704”, “SIP/sivati/88770235,300,Tt”) in new stack
[2014-03-04 10:27:54] VERBOSE[22978][C-00001551] pbx.c: – Executing [tdial@ext-trunk:9] Dial(“SIP/sivati-00000706”, “SIP/Lync2013/4588770235,300,Tt”) in new stack

Is that reasonable?