CDR Reports doesn't honor settings in Administrators

I have noticed that the CDR Reports don’t honor the limitations set in Administrators. Funny, as even add-on’s like the Asternic CDR reports actually respect the limits set in Administrators.

I have a client that wants to give his CSR managers access to the CDR so they can drill down in some of the records, in this case anything in the extension range of 4500-4599 is customer service. If I go into Administrators, and set an extension range for the CSR manager, the CDR report seems to ignore it, and just provide a report on ALL extensions in the system.

I am going to make the wild guess this is just the reports behavior, and it has no ability to limit it’s access, but I was wondering if anyone has run into this issue, and found any workaround??

That is correct and nothing really uses those limitations anymore as it never worked correct and creates issues. The Department settings and Extension Ranges. They actually will get ripped out in 13

Ouch, as my largest client uses them quite heavily to limit some things, as stated they are used and work well in add-on modules like Asternic CDR.

How do you suggest setting limitations, so some departments have access to some info, but not everything? Using the example I started with, they want the Customer Service Manager to be able to review phone records for his CSR team, but at the same time, they Upper Management doesn’t want someone like that being able to track their phone calls.

This is something the Avaya system we yanked out did very well, but is causing me lots of grief with FreePBX/Asterisk. We are even open to paying for such an option, is Schmooze has some viable solution to handling this. Any ideas or suggestions Tony?

I have no suggestions as its just not built into FreePBX. Its something that would take major changes in FreePBX to be useful as people want limits for admin users down to things like queues and ring groups and such.