CDR reports dissapeared after upgrade to 2.5.0

Having a strange issue after FreePBX upgrade from 2.5.rc3 to 2.5.0 final.
After clicking on “Reports” Tab the screen is blank. Nothing happens when I click on either
Call Logs, Compare Calls, Monthly Traffic, Daily load.

Once, after series of random clicks “Call Logs” showed up, but then disappeared again.

Any Ideas on this?

P.S. I don’t have a FOP installed

it’s possible something went wrong in your upgrade which could have happened if file permissions or related were problematic. There was a security fix in 2.5.0 for CDR Reports which re-arranged several files as well as how CDR Reports are routed.

Your best bet given your issue would be to pull the tarball and then reinstall, using the command:

install_amp --force-version 2.5.0rc1

which will make sure it runs through the proper update scripts in case some didn’t get executed. Doing the above will not remove any of your data.

Thank you Philippe for the response.
I’ve ran the amp_install, got couple of errors because feature/module was already installed.
Same results, nothing on the report secreen.
Should I check the permissions manually?

what browser are you running, there have been some reports (which I can’t yet repro) of issues with IE7.

Yes, it’s IE7…
Looks like I have a similar problem as described in Ticket #3221.
Althrough, I don’t have an issue with the system status display…

well try another browser like FF to see if you still have the issue. It may be the same issue as reported in #3221 which someone who can repro it will have to look at. (Cause I can’t repro it on my IE7).

Oops, just edited my msg at the same time as you… Let me try FF and post the results…

It works FINE with FireFox 3.0. SO, the problem is related to the IE7 only…