CDR Reports - Destination wildcard not working

Hey all,

I am using the FreePBX Distro and am running verison of the CDR Reports module.

When I try to use an Asterisk Regular Expression on the Destination field (as the tool tip on the this field says I can) I get no results when there should be.

For example, there are lots of destination records that match 3001 and 3002 (my extension numbers are from 3000 thru 3099), but if I use the expression _3XXX or _30XX I get nothing back.

It does however work on the Source field.

Am I doing something wrong?


I don’t think that you can use such expressions as searches for the destination records. I think the best you can do is to search for “3” as the start number for the destination.

I could be wrong because I’m only running FreePBX 2.9.