CDR Reports and Transferring Calls

CDR Reports and Transferring Calls

Postby nickcoons » Sun Mar 10, 2013 1:31 am
Let’s give each party the following designation:

A - The caller.
B - The receptionist.
C - The person the call is transferred to.

When A calls into the system, B answers. B then does an attended transfer to C. C’s caller ID shows B’s extension, not the caller ID of the call from A. To get around this, we put A on hold, call C, give them the information about A, hang up, take A off hold, then do a blind transfer. C now sees A’s phone number in their caller ID. I understand why an attended transfer works this way, and I understand why our work-around works.

But this causes a problem with our CDR reports. I’d like to see two separate calls in the reports; the first where A speaks to B, and the second where A speaks to C. This way our reports will accurately reflect how long A and C spoke and not include the time it took for B to locate C and transfer the call. This works if we don’t do our work-around above, so as of now it seems we have to choose either having A’s caller ID come through to C -or- having the CDR reports break these up into two separate calls, but not both.

Any ideas on how we can have both?

I had the same problem regarding CallerID on transfers for many years until I moved from Trixbox to FreePBX 2.10

Set trustrpid to YES and set sendrpid to Send Report-Party-ID header for each extension

When I set this I get callerID passing when people do attended transfers on our IP500’s

This may then fix your CDR issue.

Let me know if this helps

Sorry for the delayed response… I thought for sure I had posted this response several days ago. But when I came back here to check if there was a response, there was no post by me :-).

Where would I find the trustrpid and sendrpid settings? Are these for the trunk, or per extension, or somewhere else?

per extension

Scroll down under Device Options you will see trustrpid and sendrpid

Then set them as per my first post

You can also set it globally under Advanced Settings.

If I set it globally as you’ve suggested, do the existing individual extensions still have to be set, or will this override those?

I’m not too sure on the global setup. I did set this when I originally built our system but this was before I added any extensions.

Try changing a few extensions manually and running some tests then set the global option and test that.

I’ve gone through every extension. trustrpid was already set to Yes, and I changed all of the sendrpid settings to Send Report-Party-ID header as you mentioned. However, this hasn’t changed anything that I can in our reports. When A calls in and B answers, then transfer the call to C, this still all gets recorded as one long single call.

Unfortunately, I’ve set every extension according to what you’ve suggested, but no luck. The CDR reporting hasn’t changed, so it still doesn’t match what I described in my first post as what we’re needing. Any other thoughts?