CDR reports and recording field

I am trying FreePBX 2.11 on a raspberry pi, using the official guide for installing freepbx on debian wheezy. I know that there raspbian but i want to make a custom install.

So everything is fine except one thing. If i set in each extension the recording to always, i get a record but in the cdr reports in the recording field nothing appears.

I can see the record in the filesystem, i can see the recording from ARI but the cdr field is still empty.

I checked the mysql and also there the field is empty. I guess nothing is recorded to mysql, so there is nothing to show in the cdr report.

From the dialplan i see that during a call, freepbx sets the variable CDR(recording) but actually nothing happens.

Is this normal or I should have had something in this field?

Using latest freepbx 2.11 version.