CDR Reports always showing Dahdi and SIP Trunks Outbound Calls as Answered

FreePBX Distro : FreePBX
Asterisk Version : Asterisk

I am facing two issues regarding to CDR Reports as the following :

  1. In case of analog FXO Hardware Card :

All of Outbound Calls through Dahdi channels described as Answered on CDR Reports even the callee didn’t answer .

  1. In case of FXO Gateway :

also All of Outbound Calls through the SIP Trunk for FXO Gateway described as Answered on CDR Reports even the callee didn’t answer.

Please can anyone help me …

Thanks .

When using Loop lines there is no progress signalling.

Loop knows the following states:
Hook: on/off (FXS)
Battery: Yes/No (FXO)

There is no indication typically given when the far end answers only when they hangup. When they hangup you will get a CPC disconnect which is a 500ms battery pull.

“Answered” with these devices simply reflects the call got to the physical channel and has no way to reflect back if the call even worked.

Many Thanks for your reply jfinstrom ,

So this issue related to the Loop line signaling not by Asterisk because the loop start process as the following :
When the telephone set goes off-hook, the loop is closed and
current flows so that meaning once the dialed number goes through specified FXO line the loop closed and asterisk consider the call is Answered .
Please confirm me If I’m understanding right and in this case there is no solution for this problem .
what’s the availability about setting parameter like "30 Seconds " on Free PBX for Outbound Calls If the call more that this parameter it considered to be “Answered” if not it considered “NO Answer” , I know that’s not accurate solution but I feel it better than All of Calls calculated as “Answered”

Thanks ,

Call states are determined by the channel NOT FreePBX. The entries in to the CDR are from channel variables. When you look at your CDR you can assume that calls under X time are invalid.