CDR report

i completed installing my IPBX before time and everyting went correctly but iam trying to opent the CDR report it give me the following error

Appcelerator Processing Error:
Element [div] with ID: app_7 has an error:
message: ‘1’ is null or not an object, location: undefined
compiling “on” attribute for element app_7

would you please help my to fix this issue knowing that iam running the PBX on a VM ware.

thank you and best regards

If you just enabled the OP, restart your server and it should start to work, I had the same issue but you need to do a restart for it to work. Maybe a simple amportal restart will fix it as it should boot the OP server on amportal start.

Hello dear
sorry iam still new in this would you please tell me how to enable the OP.

thank you and best regards

If you can see the Panel Tab you must have it enabled, do a restart on the server or issue an “core restart gracefully” command in CLI to reboot or reload.
See if you can see your Panel then… I am still a newb at all this so I hope this helps, if not I am sure one of the more experienced guys will guide you in the right direction.

Dear all
thank you for your contribution, i found a solution for my problem is by using firefox browser when i used it the CDR report open correctly. i was internet explorer

thank you and best regards

I’m not sure what version of IE your using, but that works in all browsers, I’m always in a log file somwhere within the big 3 browsers.

I recommend firefox or chrome in general, but maybe just update you browser to a newer IE version.