CDR Report - What is going on?

Been running my own freepbx install on an ec2 instance for my own office, home, vacation home. Looking through the CDR reports today i see all this crazy activity on crazy extensions, mine are 300-312 with a few 600 ring groups. Everything has been running somoothly for months so I have forgotten everything since i set this all up. Anyone got any ideas what is going on?

Since your system is an EC2 it is exposed to the Internet. Are you running a firewall? IF not you are probably being scanned.

Hmm Ill check it out. I do have the firewall setup. Just opened the needed ports.

By default, FreePBX allows anonymous inbound calls, plays ss-noservice to them, and then disconnects. So lots of entries like this are pretty common for internet-facing systems. You can disallow this in general settings.