CDR Report Search Custom Application

I have numerous custom apps and I am trying to search the CDR to see how many people have dialled one of them. In this particular case, the talking clock.

When I dial the number then goto CDR I see it as this:

2017-02-24 15:01:13 1487948473.317356 “L1”<5002> Wait s [custom-speakingclock] ANSWERED 00:27

However, no matter what combination I then put in to search for this I can never get any result back.

Can anyone advise?


Sounds like a manual dredge through the CDR database would get you where you want to go.

The data is stored in a table called “CDR” in the table “asteriskcdrdb”. Just slog through that looking for “custom-” and so the editting and math from there. PHP or PERL would be good places to start your project.

It should be relatively trivial if you approach it from here.

That was, unfortunately, my next step.

Thanks for the update.