CDR report - Playback won't work


Since the update to 12.0, in the CDR report, the “interface” to play recorded calls has changed.

When I click the little speaker icon, this appears :


Very nice aesthetic improvement, but it doesn’t work anymore.

It always displays 0:00, and the PLAY button will not work.

However when I click the download icon, the file plays fine, but it’s just bothering me to have to download several file, then play them with a software, then delete them, etc… lot’s of extra step for something that was working so well !

The older ARI user panel required QuickTime for playback, the new UCP just requires a modern web browser with html.5 support…what browser are you using?

I’m using Safari, Version 7.1 (9537.

This did not work well at all in previous releases except in safari on macs. Thats a very small percentage of our user base

What format are your recordings in?

I use the distro without any customization at this level.

The files appear to be WAV, PCM S16 LE (s16), Mono, 8000 Hz, 16 bits.

If it’s just a browser issue, then I’ll just use FIREFOX or CHROME to access FreePBX GUI, but at least I pointed it out if you want to take care of that eventually :smile:

Bug reports are always welcome.

In my IE11(11.0.9600.17280) Jplayer does not work too …
"Update Required
To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. ". But “” work fine.

Unfortunately IE only supports “MP3” audio output. Which is something we will never support because it is patent encumbered.

Too bad!..

Hi my Safari 8.0.5 and it looks like problem still exists.
But if I use UCP it works fine for playback.
For management purpose CDR Report is very convinient.
That means there must be something wrong with CDR Report play back.
I am using wav as recording format.
I’ll open a bug report for this.

Has this been resolved yet?
I have the same issue with both IE 11 and Firefox 38

There will be no further updates to cdr at this time. Patches are welcome of course but it’s not on our radar. Cdr is deprecated in freepbx 13 in favor of cel

But for now the stable version of FreePBX uses Asterisk 11…

If you feel like should truly be addressed then open a bug on it.

I guess I’ll just wait for a stable version that uses Asterisk 13 instead :smile:

I checked out CEL and it looks pretty awesome, can’t wait to see the GUI around that.