CDR Report is showing"S" at the destination

Hi There, I have been searching forum for my issue, As when i pull out the report the CDR report is not showing the Destination Number… Here i am attaching the Screenshot of my CDR report.

FreePBX 12.0.1

in Recording also the same … i am facing serious issue with this report requesting anyone can help me out of this… thanks in advance

You say FreePBX 12, what version of Asterisk? If it’s Asterisk 12, CDRs do not work correctly in Asterisk 12 and therefore you will see S everywhere. Use a stable version of FreePBX and Asterisk

Hi thank you for your reply… i am using FreePBX Distro BETA-6.12.65-13 64Bit… how can i roll back to 5.2 without formatting. can you please advice ?

You can’t roll back but you can use asterisk-version-switch to switch to Asterisk 11 and everything will work without having to format.

Has this issue had any updates? I am seeing this also in Asterisk 12 / Freepbx 12. Don’t really want to downgrade.


You need to get off Asterisk 12. That is not getting any updates at all. Move back to Asterisk 11. 13 is to experimental still