CDR Report "CallerID Number" in multiple lines doesnt work

I’m trying to search by field “CallerID Number” in multiple lines by adding few numbers separated by comma in CDR Report into field “CallerID Number”, but it doing search by first number and next number following by comma are not included in result.
For today all modules is up to date.
Asterisk 11.9.0

Works here…

Just ran a test and got back results as expected. Which radio button did you choose?

I’ve been tested a using “CallerID Number” radio and than “Call Date” radio button, filled search field with two extension “2026,2027” and radio button “Begins With” in both situation it return only by 2026.
What more information a can provide for you?

After update to FreePBX Distro 5.211.65-12, I have Asterisk 11.9
CDR no show records