CDR Report by DID


I have a SIP Trunk with 25 DID and I need a CDR by each DID. The actual DID field on the FreePBX CDR Report it’s show on blank in all my reports.

I have to setup a entry on my SIP trunk configuration to capture the DID from my SIP Trunk provider (context=from-pstn-toheader).

I think that maybe this is the issue with the blank DID field on the report,

It is another way to have the DID on my reports?

Hi J,

Your right, the DID is not shown in the CDR,
The DID shows in my default CDR’s for the Dahdi lines but not for SIP
It is shown in the CEL logs though.

With a little crafting the CDR query I wrote should be able to work for the CEL DB also.

Hope that helps.


The DID will show on Inbound calls, but not outbound. maybe a but in FPBX or * but that is how it is. At least in a all VOIP setup. Dunno about DAHDI.

That is because DID ( Direct In Dial ) is incoming.
Although some call it DDI.

Showing the outbound trunk is for outbound calls.