CDR Recording Preview Time to Load Long

Was just wondering if it’s my setup (RPi3) but I notice when I hit the recording preview icon to quick listen to a recording it tends to just spin there if the file is of rather long length >10mins and I then get a undefined message. Shorter messages tend to play fine and the download link just works fine.
Any thoughts here? Coming from an older version (IncrediblePBX) and this would not happen.

At that length of time, I’d guess that PHP is timing out on the file transfer.

Thanks but shouldn’t it buffer and stream the .wav? Never experienced this on a previous build.

Or can something suggest a log to look at to troubleshoot this?

I don’t know how your machine is playing back the file, so it’s hard to say one way or the other. If the file is too big to download or if the PHP process to download the file to your machine failed, you’d see what you’re seeing.

I’d start by gathering information about the file and what options you have set in your /etc/php.ini

Thanks for the reply.
I am playing back the file via the “CDR->CDR Reports” and whichever method comes default with freepbx. I assume it’s .wav.
The file /etc/php/7.0/apache2/php.ini is quite large, anything in the file I should pay particular attention to?

That would be whatever method your browser is using. FreePBX doesn’t play it back, it downloads the file to your browser and your browser plays it.

Just ssh’ed in the RPi noticed the the sox process tops the cpu when I try to play longer wav files, guess that’s the issue here. It must be doing on-the-fly transcoding or something.

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