CDR Problems with AsteriskNow distribution


Naturally, my cdr dont work.

asterisk 1.8.11-cert1 from asterisk now 2.0 and freepbx.

I have mysql devel.
yum installed asterisk addons 18 and addons plain with no problem because I removed the digium phone conflict.
have good cdr_mysql.conf

and yet I have zero modules loaded.

the cdr mysql … (.)so/ in the module is set for load in modules.conf

Its been some days now I know I have done good things.
But it is not working.

I can say that modules are not loaded and registered back ends mysql does not show.

I am unable to run make menuselect aswell.

Are you using AstriskNow? Don’t. Load the FreePBX Distro instead.

yes: asterisk now 2.0


Freepbx distro from website is Freepbx iso with linux embedded?

all that without asterisk?

Do you then suggest to re-setup from scratch my server with Freepbx distro?

Would you have an alternative before I would handle ALL THAT?


Would that iso setup use less resources than Asterisk now?

Why are you complaining to use when it is an AsteriskNow issue?

Of course the FreePBX distro includes Asterisk and FreePBX and yes the CDR’s are working.

You say you have done everything but you did not say what you did.

Stop shouting, I edited your title to something civil.

OK! I am downloading stable 1.813.210.58 to see. Its almost done.
Civil or not this is computing and research friendly does not need civil.
Thank you for having some time on my post even is you have needs that one would think you would ignore the person.
This is exciting I am burning the ISO.
I’ll post a little comment to finish.


Computing and research friendly? I don’t understand that, sounded like you were yelling at us. We have no control over what AsteriskNow puts on their CD.

Good luck with our distro, hope you like it.

Is yelling at you incompatible with appreciating your posts?
I dont think?!

Hey! to focus on our lateral discussion,
its installed and running and configured back to where I was.

Wow, I see cdr.

I already liked very much your system, even not having
went thru everything.

I see there is much more detailed setup.

I like it very much.

Thank you very much SkykingOh & FreePBX !