CDR not working; missing freepbx.conf

I am using FreePBX with Asterisk

I have tried getting the CDR report to work but I can’t seems to do the trick. I started doing general searching on Google and found that the passwords in the etc/freepbx.conf and etc/asterisk/cdr_mysql.conf have to be the same to work so I went to investigate if that was my problem only to find that the etc/freepbx.conf wasn’t there. So i search the entire machine and there is no such file.

I am hoping that this is my only problem with the CDR not working. This is my first time working with PBX systems and I believe I have everything I need working on the machine I need.


As ever, you need to say how you installed the system. There are many ways. . .

I used the pbxinaflash distro from sourceforge

Try the FreePBX distro maybe, after all you are here not at PIAF :slight_smile:

When you say “I searched the whole computer” you seem to make that sound like it was a major task.

Perhaps it will help the command line luddites with a little illumination.

A Pipe “|” sends the output of one program to another.

So if we cd to root (the top or bottom of file system depending on your perspective).

cd /
then run the ‘find’ command we will see every file on system.

Now the grep command, a processor of regular expressions, filters employing boolean logic

find | grep -i freepbx.conf

Would display every instance of freepbx irrespective of case (the -i option).

I hope this makes life easier for somebody.

I did exactly that and there were no instances of the file. I am new to PBX but I am not quite as new to Linux/Unix commands.

Cool… I am sure someone benefited.

FreePBX.conf contains the mysql credentials so FreePBX can read the configuration data from the db.

Actually it is called freepbx.conf (linux is case sensitive :wink: ). It should be in /etc/

I know that, Android keyboard.

Anyway, if the user had done the grep -i as in my example case would have been ignored.

locate freepbx.conf

but its most-likely in /etc/asterisk/freepbx.conf

After doing the find|grep -i freepbx.conf on wednesday it found no results that matched the file I was looking for but today I decided to do the search and there it was exactly where it should have been in the /etc.freepbx.conf.

I am dumb founded as to why this is…

Upon comparing the files of /etc/freepbx.conf and /etc/asterisk/cdr_mysql.conf, I found the information to be the same as needed. I guess now I have no idea why my CDR Reports in the web browser isn’t working…

You must not have been in root directory when you did find.

If so it was a total blunder on my part… But any ideas on what might be causing the CDR reports do not to show any results? according to the server everything is green and should be operational.

which is why locate is a much better command.

Every what is green and operational?

How was this installed? From asterisk do a ‘cdr mysql status’

Yes it is a better command but I can never remember it or the command to refresh the DB.