CDR not working after restore

Here it is - We started with AsteriskNow 1.7
Upgraded FreePBX to 2.8 then 2.9
Backed up the system

Rebuilt the system using FreePBX distro

Restored backup.

most everythig came up just fine

CDR and Isymphony did not.

Any ideas on where to start?

Not just an AsteriskNow issue. I had issues restoring from a 1.6.x based PBX-in-a-Flash backup to the new FreePBX distro as well. Full system restores off several created backups trashed new installs repeatedly, causing the CDR to fail & inbound issues.

A clean install and manually rebuilding much of the system while restoring only pieces (CDR, VM) put all of the problems to bed.

You may have to run “yum install asterisk16-addons” to enable cdr. I have had to do that before to get cdr going on I beleive 2.8

As stated above. The orginal backup came from a AsteriskNow install.
This would be Asterisk 1.6.X It was upgraded to FreePBX 2.9 .

The backup set is from the above system box.

It was restored to a system created by FreePBX distro. This would be Asterisk 1.8

CDR is now working. I had to change the user name and password in cdr_mysql.conf

What saved me is that right after I built the new system using the 2.9 distro I created a backup. I was able to retrieve the mysql password from that backup set.

So I guess this has now turned into a FYI

When rebuilding a older system using AsterNow and moving that data to a New 2.9 FreePBX distro you may have issues.

Now I have to resolve Isymphony. It all loads server and client but it thinks everyone is offline and will not display status. I’m sure its a simular issue of older data interfering with a new config.