CDR not updating after restore

New FreePBX ISO install (, restored from an updated FreePBX backup (Asterisk I am finding the CDR does not update and the log is showing this error:

‘ERROR[3384] cdr_custom.c: Unable to load cdr_custom.conf. Not logging custom CSV CDRs.’

There isn’t a cdr_custom.conf file present in /etc/asterisk/.

Any thoughts?

To followup, everything is up to date and working smoothly after re-installing and selectively restoring the vm & cdr files. The bulk extensions module saved a lot of work. Thanks!

Thanks Philippe, I’m learning! I have a clean initial backup of the new install which I may try to load first and see where that takes me.

Given your other issue, you would be best advised to re-install the ISO clean and then do one of two things.

If you can upgrade the original system to 2.9 and then take a backup of it and restore to the new ISO, you will probably have a clean system.

Outside of that, you are probably best off re-configuring your system from scratch. You might be able to take advantage of the bulkeextnesions and bulkdids modules to save a lot of your system to a CSV file for a quicker re-configuration depending on the version differences.

The issue you are otherwise facing is other problems creeping up because you restored from a ‘messy’ system which replaces a lot of the files.

If you really want to try and have a go at it without doing all that, then one thing you could try is to force load every module you are using from the online repository wether it says you need to or not and see if things are any cleaner. For the CDR issue, check your modules.conf file to make sure you are loading the proper mysql drivers.