CDR not showing new calls

Installed module updates this morning to correct an issue with SipStation and believe I picked up an update to CDRs.

I am now not seeing any new calls logging after 6/6. CDR says version 16.0.38 now. Rolled back to 16.0.36 and still not working.

Ran mysqlcheck --repair --all-databases and still not working.

Found that In Advanced Settings, what shows for the CDR section and CDR was set to “no”. 16.0.38 must be setting to NO for some reason.

Just tested updating CDR to 16.0.38 on another FreePBX system and it is turning off CDR logging. FYI.

Check cdr logging is turned on in ‘advanced settings’

Yes, CDR logging is ON prior to patching to 16.0.38. Once patched to 16.0.38 it is getting turned off.

Yep a little ‘WTFWYT!!’ from Sangoma here, perhaps they meant to turn off CEL logging by default which would make a lot of sense.

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