CDR list is empty

Dear community,
FreePBX, CDR module, DAHDI 2.8.0. I made all required updates but cannot get any record in CDR screen. CSV file download empty. Following by previous forum entries I checked MySQL user names and passwords and found that its identical( I’m meaning cdr_mysql.conf, amportal.conf etc. Where is a problem can be?

Most likely the password is not identical to the one that mysql is using. Run this command and post the output.

cdr mysql status

I’ve got reply that no such command

Where did you run the command from? This is an Asterisk command.

If it does not work in Asterisk then your either the cdr_mysql module is not installed or a dependency is broken.

How did you install your system? If using Asterisknow this has been a known issue with them for quite awhile.

I’m tried is from asterisk ( asterisk -vvvrrrrrr). cdr command exists and shows the CDR module status. I think that I installed it using AsteriskNow. So, if I understood correct, you’re recommend to install cdr_mysql module.

It does matter how you Installed it. Asterisk now does not include the SQL CD R’s.

Search you topic there are numerous threads on this forum how to fix it.