CDR Issue when using Ring Group

I have an issue with CDR records incorrectly generated when calling a Ring Group.
The call flow is simple:

Incoming External call from sip trunk, caller hears announcement and gets transferred to the Ring Group consiting of 4 extensions.
exten=>s,1, Answer
exten=>s,Dial(Local/[email protected]) ; 555 is a ring group of extensions 100,101,102,etc

Let say that extension 100 answered the call.

The cdr record (actually two records) for this call looks like this:

channel ---------------------- source ------------------------ destination ----------------- disposition
LOCAL/555 --------------- 2125551212 ---------------------- 555 ------------------- ANSWERED
SIP/1000 ------------------ 2125551212 --------------------- s --------------------- ANSWERED

So, based on the data generated above, I can’t find out which extension answered the call…
CDR records are generated correctly for direct transfers (not through the ring group).

Any advise would be appreciated!

P.S. Happy Holidays!!!

CDR records get very confusing when you have complicated dial plans. Take a look at the destination channel though - you’ll have to use the full cdr records vs. the subset that are shown in the reporting screen.

Thank You Filippe,
I didn’t think of looking into the raw file… It’s all there.
I’ll just have to generate custom reports off csv file.