CDR in Asterisk 1.8 / FreePBX 2.10

Hi guys,

I just started to roll out those versions clients. Notice one thing in device user mode.

a) Device 2000 (logged in with user 3000)
b) Device 2001 (logged in with user 3001)
c) Outside call (DAHDI)

When a calls b, in CDR i see a=2000 and b=3001

When c calls a or b, i see c=outsidenumber and b=2001

None shows the User CLID as per “user”. Happens to all extensions logged in like this. Extensions mode has no issue!

I saw something going on in the Asterisk support tickets but nothing concrete has come off Digium yet tho. Any quick workaround from FBX team? Anyone else having this? Any help would be appreciated. Tq.

Anyone with some clue on this?