CDR GUID not matching filename

FreePBX 13.0.167
Current Asterisk Version: 13.9.1

Recently upgraded from FreePBX 12

Actual file name:

Previous filenames had a form like this:

There’s an extra string of 10 characters being added on this file name (-1471021044). It seems this happens with recordings for our Conferences Pro only. Any idea what this might be? Also, this GUID does not match what is being saved in the CDR DB (the last number is different, looks like it increments).

This is actually a problem in Asterisk. We are unable to control what that random timestamp is or when it occurs and we are also unable to figure it out at any point. Make sure to not have “Join/Leave announcements” enabled


I don’t think that string(s) are technically a guid or random in any way, those strings are both “epoch” time stamps of varying nanosecond precision from start to ? . . .

date --date=’@1471021014.23518
Fri Aug 12 09:56:54 MST 2016

date --date=’@1471021044
Fri Aug 12 09:57:24 MST 2016

(hehe, your TZ may vary )

Yes. They are timestamps. Read the tickets I linked to and it says that in both of them.

I read them both, and I understand, I just contend your statement that they are “random” time-stamps,surely they occurred at that point in time, no?

Thank you very much for the concise response and additional information.

We found this to be a problem because we’re using a regex to pull data from CDR into our custom built JIRA call stream for CRM purposes. So we’ll know now to update our regex for this exception and any others that arise.

For the record, it does look like Join/Leave announcements are disabled in Conferences, but not Conferences Pro.

Conferences app settings:

  • join message NONE
  • user join/leave NO

Conference Pro app settings:

  • no option to disable announcement

Conference Pro does not change any of those settings so not sure why you keep mentioning conf pro. All that does is let you see conference rooms in UCP.