CDR got messed up, DST field shows h for every call

I did an upgrade on freepbx, after doing so, something went wacky on me, my CDR records under Reports section is showing “h” under DST column for every call.

Its odd because some calls show up in CDR records correctly depending on the trunk i use, so some sip services work and others dont, it could perhaps be due to the trunk settings. however either way all the calls are being processed correctly its just the CDR tables are placing destination as “h”.

I am running Asterisk 1.2 and i plan on upgrading soon however in the meantime i really need to try and fix this, any ideas?

UPDATE: I found the bug, its definitely i believe an incompatibility issue with only Asterisk 1.2 and latest FreePBX but i found what causes it.

If you have anything in your Trunk under the “Dialed Number Manipulation Rules” such as a rule like adding 1 in front of the number which some sip carriers require it will result in making your destination field show up with “h”

I went ahead and tried a sip provider that doesnt require any Dialed Number Manipulation Rules and the DST field came up perfectly. furthermore i went ahead and tried deleting the rule and just dialing the number with the 1 in front of the number instead of using the Dialed Number Manipulation Rules, and it worked. i hope this helps in case anyone has run into the same issue. i assume many have moved on from 1.2 but just in case your like me:)