CDR - Giving a client only access to his CDR records

How can a let a client see the CDR records of his company ONLY. i do not have much experience with FreePBX so any help would need to be detailed. Sorry for my low skill set.

The CDR interface for FreePBX is for all the CDRs, it does not have the ability to assign user logins and permissions for individual CDRs.

However, the CDRs are stored in a MySQL database which you can write your own GUI interface for to pull and the display the data you want based on user permissions you want to set.

UCP - You can individually select a range of extensions that the user can look at CDR records for.

Yes, it does with the downside you have to look at each CDR per extension. If his company has multiple extensions they would need to look at the extensions one by one. He can’t look at all the CDRs in one report via the UCP.

how can we do that? I have no programming expertise.

You don’t need programming expertise.
Just create a UCP account from FreePBX GUI and tie all extensions to it, for which you want to see call records.

Again, the UCP will show all the CDRs for extensions you want. Yes, I know. But what it won’t do is

  1. Show all of them in a SINGLE report. So if you have 20 extensions you have 20 reports.
  2. It doesn’t show calls to IVRs, etc or non extension calls.

Ok, I did that and i get the CRD page only. The problem is that i see all the CDR records even though I set the extensuion range in the user setup. I am using asterisk 11.4.0 and FreePBX if that helps. I hjust want to see the range i set for the client, as this is a shared (hosted) system

@amertel I’m am not familiar with that version. So I can’t say if the UCP will work right with it. Is it actually UCP or User Panel? Those are two different things.

under ADMIN:
it shows on the upper right

Add User

I guess that is just user? Not UCP?

Do you go to http://ip-of-box/ucp or /recordings to get into the user portal?

Also, I don’t believe that FreePBX 2.11 is supported anymore, so it’s going to be hard to get help. Probably can but I’m not sure.

I went to the admin tab (top left) and clicked on it and then clicked on adminstrators to get the drop down box i pasted

where would i do http://ip-of-box/ucp?

I am going away for now. Will check back in a couple of hours. Thanks to everyone for their help. It is greatly appreciated