CDR for custom context

I have a custom dialplan, but i dont want to miss out the CDR records which gets logged by freepbx by default and can be seen under CDR report option in the GUI.

Any idea how to achieve it or anyone achieved it?

Too nebulous a question. What is your flow? You can write to the CDR as part of your dialplan.
Asterisk 13 Function_CDR - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

sorry for the question. Let me describe here!

so lets say i have a context my-custom-context

I am processing some calls through this context, but the problem is if in processing calls through this context, there is not CDR report for those calls under the freepbx CDR Report panel. I want to include all the call logs for this context as same as freepbx does for contexts by default.

You need to use the FreePBX contexts (FreePBX context first, then call your context) OR write your own CDR into the dialplan. The link above shows you how to add CDR to your context.

Share your dialplan and describe what it does. Perhaps there’s a way to do it that preserves the CDRs.

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