CDR Database - Reading inbound call data with call queue feature enabled

Greetings All,

We are using the “Call Queue” feature. While reviewing the asteriskcdrdb.cdr table, I noticed each call can consist of multiple records per inbound call. Looks like a record is written for each trip in and out of the queues. My goal is to log a single record in our own SQL Server backend, which notates the definitive start time, end time, duration, disposition, etc…of the calls. Does anyone have a good solution for grouping inbound call data when using the call queue feature? In reviewing the data, I can’t seem to find a good way of grouping the call data, since the caller may hang-up and call back again multiple times per day. I don’t see any unique identifier that can be used to group the records together.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated!

That has always been a problem with cdr’s. If you are using a later version of Asterisk you can setup and use CEL (call event logging) which with a bit of sql parsing will give you what you want.