CDR / CEL reports to Windows PC

I have 5 users on a combination of incoming POTS and outgoing SIP lines. The POTS incoming lines are all connected to CallerID modems (& a pbx gateway) so when a call comes in a CallerID notification pops up on the windows machines (using a very old but excellent call logging program called Phonebot). I’ve also used superfecta to send the users an email with the incoming call info.

As we transition away from POTS to SIP is there a way to have the info in the Freepbx CDR or CEL system send that same info to my windows users? So as a ring comes in and before the incoming call selects the IVR prompt (my users can see who is calling (set name and their callid #)?

I’ve tried different options like callclerk which can read the freepbx info and accounce it … but they all just don’t seem to work well and I can’t afford to miss incoming calls.

As POTS looks to be retired in next 12 or so months.

If any freepbx programmers / gurus out there would like to work on this project with me (paid of course) … please reach out to me. I’ve been searching and have not found anything as useful as my old system. I don’t have the programing ability but I know what I want and I’m sure there will be other small businesses also interested.


It’s been years since I tried it, but Growl is a simple notification client and it’s supported in superfecta. It might fit the bill here.

I’m testing out growl … thanks for the recommendation. I found the windows version but cant seem to locate a mac version.

Also do you know anything that can keep a log of all incoming calls?

Right now I have a windows program called phonebot (only works with pots) which keeps a call log like the picture below. Staff can also log in and update names … so WIRELESS CALL becomes JOHN SMITH (or whatever we want to save the number as so next time we know who it is.)

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 11.30.50 AM

Thanks again for your help.

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