CDR: blank shown when UniqueID link is clicked

Hi All,

I notice today that Call Data Record report does not show detail (blank) when I click individual UniqueID link.

UniqueID link shows call detail for the timestamp before the module update, I am wondering whether it is related to the module update or not. (CDR module update was performed on 1/11, I can see UniqueID info prior to the date and all calls shows blank after module update)

Just wondering anyone experiencing this. Is there a way to roll back the module version so that I can test and see whether the issue is related to module update?

Any feedback would be appreciated. :wink:

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Asterisk version: 13.24.1
FreePBX version:
CDR module version: upgraded from to

Follow up, when I check MySQL database, I figure no contents in cel.
calls prior to the update hold cel contents.

Just wondering what could result for cel not to be stored in the database.

Any comment or suggestion would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

MariaDB [asteriskcdrdb]> select * from cel where uniqueid='1549562458.2495';
Empty set (0.00 sec)

Ugh… CEL logging is disabled. How can I turn it on…?

[[email protected] asterisk]# asterisk -rx "cel show status"
CEL Logging: Disabled

Experiencing same issue here. Bug reported.

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You are reporting an issue with cdr. The original poster has an issue with cel. You aren’t experiencing the same issue.

OP titled and his first post pertains to cdr and uniqueid details. My bug report summarizes the same. He also discovers CEL is broken. My bug report also mentions this. Given that both cdr/cel issues pertain to call detail records, both are confirmed to have occurred on date of cdr module update, and both instances are mentioned in this thread and my bug report, I don’t follow how this isn’t the same issue.

Clicking on the Unique ID is a CEL action. I don’t believe there is an issue with CDRs seems like they are working for both of you. Additionally what you’ve reported with regards to CEL was already fixed in edge cel as seen here:

fwconsole ma upgrade cel cdr --edge

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Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your insight, as always. Yes, CDR is working (I refer to CDR Reports, I later noticed CDR and CEL are independent data sets, forgive me, I am still a newbie) but I am having a trouble with CEL still.

I thought edge track may resolve my issue, I updated both CDR and CEL module, but still CEL information is not in the database.

Perhaps, my issue is other than modules, I see CEL Logging:Disable when I check the status.

[[email protected] asterisk]# fwconsole ma list | grep cdr
| cdr                 |  | Enabled | GPLv3+  |
[[email protected] asterisk]# fwconsole ma list | grep cel
| cel                 |  | Enabled | GPLv3+  |
[[email protected] asterisk]# asterisk -rx "cdr show status"

Call Detail Record (CDR) settings
  Logging:                    Enabled
  Mode:                       Simple
  Log unanswered calls:       No
  Log congestion:             No

* Registered Backends
    Adaptive ODBC

[[email protected] asterisk]# asterisk -rx "cel show status"
CEL Logging: Disabled

When see enable=yes in cel related conf file under /etc/asterisk directory, so I think setting is done right, but I am not sure why it is disabled.

Once again, any suggestion would be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance,

Hi Andrew,

Update, yes module update certainly worked!!!

After module update, I rebooted server, initially it wasn’t working. Then I noticed, Apply Config red button was appearing on Web GUI, so I clicked it and after that CEL logging started to work auto-magically. :wink:

I confirmed CELL Logging status was also back again.

Once again, thank you very much for your valuable advise and insight, have a nice rest of your weekend!

[[email protected] asterisk]# asterisk -rx "cel show status"
CEL Logging: Enabled
CEL Tracking Event: ALL
CEL Tracking Event: CHAN_START
CEL Tracking Event: CHAN_END
CEL Tracking Event: HANGUP
CEL Tracking Event: ANSWER
CEL Tracking Event: APP_START
CEL Tracking Event: APP_END
CEL Tracking Event: BRIDGE_ENTER
CEL Tracking Event: BRIDGE_EXIT
CEL Tracking Event: PARK_START
CEL Tracking Event: PARK_END
CEL Tracking Event: USER_DEFINED
CEL Tracking Event: LINKEDID_END
CEL Tracking Event: PICKUP
CEL Tracking Event: FORWARD
CEL Tracking Application: meetme
CEL Tracking Application: queue
CEL Tracking Application: confbridge
CEL Tracking Application: mixmonitor
CEL Tracking Application: voicemail
CEL Tracking Application: voicemailmain
CEL Tracking Application: stopmixmonitor
CEL Event Subscriber: ODBC CEL backend

Thanks for the follow up and explanation Andrew. Can confirm updating to CEL resolved my issues.

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