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I am a total noob to Asterisk however I really like the platform and I am thinking of making commercial use to replace my old Siemens and Philips units. So I am studying, learning and testing Asterisk according to the premises I have for my project.

One of the main requirements of my solution is related to the audio recording of the entire call. This implies that I must record everything that the originator (outside the PBX) is listening to, and everything he says. However I found a problem that I don’t know how to solve.

Scenario - When the originator makes a call to the PBX, it is initially answered by the IVR, and then it is directed to a queue. When an agent is free to answer, then the call is routed to the agent.

Problem - I only have the audio recording after the agent answers the call. I don’t know what the calling side heard, and especially if he said anything while he was in line along the queue.

I currently have this problem solved through the use of an FXO Gateway Server (basically a wiretapping) attacked directly on my link before entering my telephone exchange. This is an old, expensive and unreliable way.

I would like to know if you have any solutions to propose.

Thank you,
Andrew Paes

In the Inbound Route, try setting Call Recording to Force, and in Advanced Settings, set Call Record Option to No.

Test and report what gets recorded.

At what point in the call flow have you enabled recording?

Hi, I already have set Call Recording to Force. But I’m not finding exactly where is Call Record Option.

I do have:
Use MixMonitor for Recordings - Yes
Call Recording Format - wav
Force Allow Conference Recording - Yes
Call Recording Policy - Caller

I’m using FreePBX

Do I need to instal a plugin?

Thank you,

On both Inbound and Outbound Routes, I just set Call Recording to Force.

On queue I left Call Recording to Don’t Care as it was.

On extensions for Inbound and Outbound for both Internal and External Calls, all of them are set to Force.

And most weird thing for me at least, is that I’m having on CDR Reports 2 files related to the same call and same channel. They are 2 files with the same name when I download them, and same audio. Like Inbound Route and Extension config are like overriden.

Well, I kept these configuratios:
Use MixMonitor for Recordings - Yes
Call Recording Format - wav
Force Allow Conference Recording - Yes
Call Recording Policy - Caller
Inbound Routes - Call Recording to Force
Outbound Routes - Call Recording to Force
Applications -> Call Recording - Call Recording Mode to Force, Destination Queue
The destination Queue -
Max Wait Time to Unlimited
Nobody added to queue
Join Announcement - Always
Music on Hold Class - inherit

So, I made a call to the queue and I could see on a .WAV file on file system related to my call as:

So I copied the file to my machina using SCP, and tried to listen to it. Media player could open the file, but it has no audio, zero seconds recorded, an empty file.

But accordingly to documentation on:

I should have an file within audio recorded as says:
“If a call is to be recorded, it can start immediately. This will incorporate any announcements, hold music, etc. prior to being answered.”

What I’m missing out?

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