CDR and "deviceanduser" mode

I’m wondeing how you guys running FreePBX in “deviceanduser” mode deal with CDR. The problem I see is, in this mode, there’s no way of telling which extension number is making outbound calls. In the CDR, the “src” field of the database is the DID and the “channel” field contains the device id not the extension number. Since many extensions can use the same device, the CDR is useless in trying to figure out which extension placed external calls.

Any suggestions?
Thanks everyone.

I think this issue deserves some attention. In the call logs, the device number is shown in the source field as well. Additionally, in ARI, no outbound calls are shown at all because it is apparently showing calls for the user number, not the device number. In deviceanduser mode, ARI shows zero outbound calls unless the device number happens to be the same as the user number!


I’ve got my system in deviceanduser mode and clearly see what devices are making calls; example:

9/2/2011 6:12 SIP/4970-0000017e 4970 “Name” <4970> Number Dialed
9/2/2011 6:13 SIP/41961-00000181 41961 “Name” <41961> Number Dialed
9/2/2011 6:17 SIP/35011-00000184 35011 “Name” <35011> Number Dialed

When the system was originally set up, a 4 digit extension was used. As I expanded, I moved the system to deviceanduser and created devices with a 1, 2, or 3 appended, depending on how many devices I needed fork off the original extension.

What are you seeing?

The OP describes proper operation. In Device & User Mode, multiple devices can use the same extension number. Showing the device number allows you to know, with certainly, who made the call. Showing the extension number would make it impossible to determine who made the call.


You’re right, but then the ARI “Call Monitor” page will not display any outgoing calls, because it apparently displays outbound calls using the src field. If the src was “101” for user “100”, none of his outbound calls are displayed because the src is not 100, it’s 101. I can even create a user 101 with no devices, log into his ARI, and low and behold I see the outbound calls made by device 101.


The OP was discussing CDR, which does show records based upon the device #.

The ARI on my install appears to show extension #s and not device #s. I just tested on PIAF running Asterisk 1.4 in Device & User Mode and my ARI Call Monitor page shows incoming and outgoing calls based upon my Extendion # and not the device #. I was even able to see extension #s when I logged in using the admin user.

Interesting, thank you for your feedback. My Asterisk 1.6 systems show the extension, and not the device as well. However, using Asterisk 1.8, it shows the device # as the src. Perhaps this is an Asterisk 1.8 / FPBX 2.9 thing.


This issue is annoying. It seems Asterisk related:

Could Freepbx bypassed this issue?



A Small fix in Freepbx might fix this issue…