cdr_adaptive_obbc and/or cdr_mysql

I think I finally got CDR working with cdr_adaptive_odbc and mysql(for a newbie, the docs are fairly vague on howto), but I’m still confused on a few things. My questions:

  1. If using cdr_adaptive_odbc, do you still need to load cdr_mysql?

  2. My understanding is that the relevant config files for this setup are, odbcinst, odbc.ini, res_odbc.conf, and cdr_adaptive_odbc.conf. Is this correct? Are any other config files involved?

  3. Several other DB modules seem to get loaded such as, cdr_pqsql, cdr_mysql. Should these be loaded? If not, how do you prevent them from loading?

Trying very hard to get up to speed. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Btw, I’m running Asterisk 2.9.0RC1.4.

Module load commands are int /etc/asterisk/module.conf if that helps.

pqsql is for Postgres so I can’t imagine you need that module.