CBeyond w/FreePBX - Sucks

I don’t understand with FreePBX 5.211-65 w/Asterisk 11.7. No matter what I do the trunk will not register. I can cut and paste it from my Trixbox that works great with them to FreePBX and no dice. The last version I had working of FreePBX w/Cbeyond is 1.1007.210-58-1 w/Asterisk 10.7. I even used that config with no luck. It has to be something in Asterisk 11 or the newer FreePBX 2.11. Does anyone have Cbeyond working with a later build of FreePBX? All the configs are the same for everyone except for the user, password, and area part.



I will look and see if we have a later version of freepbx running anywhere on cbeyond

I haven’t found anyone with a much later FreePBX Distro versions then the ones running on Centos 5.8. My one local guy who does installs for CBeyond told me something has changed in the Distro versions from FreePBX since than and you have to modify stuff now in the backend.