Cbeyond SIP with FreePBX

Has anyone lately tried to upgrade the Trixbox/FreePBX on CBeyond SIP? I am pretty sure even if I haven’t found a tech/engineer to fess up to this but I think they go by your NICs MAC address also to allow your switch on their network. I have tried every major release of FreePBX from 1.1007.210.58-1 to the current with no go. The truck wont register. I am pretty sure you don’t need anything but the registration string to make it register even if you can’t make calls.

I know for sure version 1.1007.210.58-1 works since I am using this in LA but it wont in Chicago. Can anyone verify this before I call and kill 1/2 day with them?

I am not sure what your actual question is or why you bring up trixbox.

Your MAC address statement makes no sense. MAC is a layer 2 construct and not routed.

No matter what flavor of FreePBX Distro the SIP trunk will not pass the information to CBeyonds network. The only versions I know that people have gotten to work with CBeyond SIP is Trixbox CE 2.6 or 2.8. I did get 1 version of FreePBX Distro to work when I opened a new location in LA. I when I try to swap out my old Trixbox in Chicago with that version of FreePBX the trunk will not register. I have tried about 5-6 version for FreePBX Disto. I have 4 different ones setup right now and I just go right down the line to get any of them to register. Not even make a call or anything just to see the truck register. So to me that means they are blocking the registration by some form and the MAC/NIC is the only thing different between my current Trixbox that runs like a champ and FreePBS Distro that I can think of off hand. If you have called Cbeyond lately their tech support is worthless. No joke 1/2-1 hour to get to a person that doesn’t read a script.

All of the info is replicated from one to another in the setup for the trunks. With CBeyond you just need to change area part for the SIP location, user, and password in trunk configs to get them to work.

Well trixbox was based on version 1.4 or 1.6 of Asterisk. FreePBX distro uses much newer.

I am sure I could get it to work.

No matter what flavor of FreePBX Distro the SIP trunk will not pass the information to CBeyonds network.

Sorry, but that’s just not true I never did Trixbox with Cbeyond, but I have had multiple versions of Asterisk and FrePBX installed for many years and have never had an issue with any combination connecting.