Cause an extension to ring then when you answer it dials a number?

Is it possible to do the above?

Either to a schedule (like wake up calls) or based on a command line command (like how you can do with ‘call flow control’)

Use case: For an elderly member of the household to be able to use a physical push button to send an MQTT command to the host Pi that causes an extension to ring. When the extension is answered, it begins dialling a preset number.

On Apr 27, 12:34 PM @lgaetz replied:

Pretty much every single click-to-dial utility works this way. You ORIGINATE a call to the local extension which then bridges to another channel on answer.

Sadly with the best will in the world I’ve not been able to find a way to do this.

Basically I want to be able to (for example) via a Node-Red MQTT incoming message from another device on my LAN, cause my kitchen extension to ring. When the extension is answered, I’d like it to immediately being dialling an EXTERNAL (but could be internal) number.

Is that what @lgaetz was referring to? Is there a module to make this simpler?


In it’s most simple form, the bash command is:

asterisk -x "channel originate local/xxxx@from-internal extension yyyy@from-internal"

The x’s are the number that rings first, the y’s are the number that gets dialed when x answers.

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So cool! Thanks! Will give it a bash !!

It only bloody works! Wow!!
Thank you
Now to investigate if I can play a “please hold” message or similar while the other call rings…

You could look at ‘call files’ , they are less transient than the cli version and can add ‘retries’ to ensure the message is delivered in an emergency, but either method can be extended to use a ‘custom context’ using any ‘dialplan’ to do anything you want, the important thing here is to have multiple failovers as the originator might not be responsive . . .

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