Catch call

Hi All.

I have asterisk now with Freepbx install,
and i want to know if it’s possible to catch call.

I mean that if one of extension calling, i want to catch this call from another extension.


Both phones must be placed in the same call pickup group…

Then Pickup by pressing *8


you mean ring group ?

sorry for question, i’m new in asterisk.

sorry, i see pickup line in extension configuration page on freppbx.

How i configure it?


Look on the extension config page…

About midway down, you’ll see entries for
call group and pickup group.

say you have a group of phones in an office that need to be picked up
one from another.

Place a “1” in both of those places for each phone in that office.

After reload, any phone in group 1 can pickup any other in group 1 by dialing *8.

If you have another office, set it up as group 2.