Catch 22

I have 5.211.65-9 and get this from FreePBX System Status:

You have a disabled module
The following modules are disabled because they need to be upgraded:
You should go to the module admin page to fix these

When I check module admin there is nothing to upgrade.
How do I get rid of this message ?

endpointman is a commercial module. I assume you have it licensed?

If so what you could do is try enabling the module from the command line:

amportal a ma enable endpointman

Have a look here for the amportal command line syntax:

No - I don’t have it licensed … didn’t know it was a commercial module.
What I don’t understand is since I neither haven’t bought it or licensed it why module admin tells me to upgrade it … apparently some basic version of endpointman was installed by the system (due to upgrade request).
How do I uninstall it since I am not going to upgrade it ?

Read the link he sent you. Your question is already answered.

It’s common courtesy to read the answer to the previous question before moving on to the next.

There are two endpoint managers. You can’t use both at same time, a commercial and an Open Source. They have two different module names.

You are right - agree I should read the answer more carefully that I did … sorry about that.
Now I have really read it one and twice and I understand more.
What I still don’t understand is how ‘OSS PBX End Point Manager’ got into my system since my repositories are: Basic, Extended

‘amportal a ma info endpointman’ tells me it comes from ‘repo: unsupported’ which I don’t have.

    rawname: endpointman
       repo: unsupported
       name: OSS PBX End Point Manager