Card not detected

Hello all. I have a system set up which I intend to use for a small multi room office set-up, all being well. I am having trouble getting the system to detect my X100P clone PCI modem however.

I understand that using a modem rather than a proper FXO card is far from ideal, and I am well aware of the limitations and potential issues. I only intend to use it for testing purposes however. If everything goes well and I decide to keep the system permanently, I will buy the 4 port FXO card that I need. I’d just rather not pay so much money for one before I have decided whether or not the system is right for me.

My problem is simply that I can’t get it to show up under analog hardware in DAHDI configuration. Despite it being a supported chipset, there are no FXO ports listed.

Do I need to do anything to get it Asterisk/FreePBX to detect the card? Or is it simply a matter of if it doesn’t show, it’s just not compatible?


with these type of cards you may not have a Dahdi option so you may not be able to use them. If there is a dahdi driver you likely need to configure by hand and not through the module