Capture user input and pass it on to extension and VM

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I want to prompt callers to input some information. Say, they are greeted with “in order to continue, please enter the last 4 of your social security number”.
I don’t want to look this up anywhere, at this point in time.
What I want is that when a caller leaves a voicemail, I want to include the keys they have entered for their social security to show in the email message they receive from the system.

How would I go on to configure it?

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Following for answer. We have customers that would like to do birth dates.

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First part is relatively easy. You would have a small block of custom dialplan that prompts caller for input and stores it to a channel variable. Often I will write that value to the CDR(userfield) so it appears in the CDR record for the call. There is a third party module call dynroute that will do it in the GUI.

The second part is very difficult. There is no native support in app_voicemail for referencing channel variables in the outgoing email. Not impossible, but not practical to consider.

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Is it possible to take that channel variable and prefix it to a caller ID using a CID Prefix, so that it can be read by the voicemail to email application as the caller ID?


You can use the exposed ${UNIQUEID} to dive back into your asteriskcdrdb cdr/cel tables for more detail.

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You should both variables in your early custom code, so making the update in your custom code should be relatively painless. Try it and let us know.


Thanks @lgaetz. However, I am unfamiliar with “custom dialplans” or how to program that. Can you provide some more details on how I would configure the dialplans to prompt for this? I would then pass it on to as CID prefix, which I believe makes sense in my case…

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Here’s an example, but it will be nothing more than a starting point: Random IVR code

If you have budget, this is something we can assist with in Sangoma Support, link at top of page.


Thanks, I will check it out


Thank you for your input.

I have successfully completed part 1 of this project…
I am now able to get user input, and replace the CID name with the input provided.
Next step is to route calls based on whatever they entered.

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A suggestion for your next steps would be to find an Asterisk Recipe book and write a context that handles this for you. Understanding how contexts work in Asterisk is a prerequisite to getting this part going.

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