Capture tracking number on outbound calls

We run a customer support center and I am working on converting our proprietary phone system over to FreePBX. One feature that we currently have in the system is that for outbound calling our support staff must first enter the ticket number of the call so that calls are tracked and we know which of our customers they are for. So basically they pickup the phone, hit 9 for an outside line, then must enter a 1-5 digit ticket number, hit pound key and then the phone number to dial. This tracking number is then put into the CDR logs for us to use.

Can a similar thing be setup in FreePBX and how would you go about implementing this?

Finally, this needs to only be applied to a certain group of extensions as the office administrative staff does not need to log ticket numbers with their calls. This is about the last item we have before making the transition. I am very impressed with FreePBX and the front end it puts on the Asterisk system.


I believe this is do-able with FreePBX but it will take some custom code. It would probably be easier to write by first, dialing the number, then querying for the ticket number before the call goes out.