Capacity of queue call back

Hello ,
can I Limit the total number of calls waiting in cue callback …

Similar to your other question. Not possible out of box, custom dialplan or a feature request.

thank you… wondering if anyone came across something similar in the past

We built our own callback in custom dialplan. We used callfiles to accomplish this. The callfiles were stored in a pending folder. Prior to offering callback we would check the count of callfiles in the pending folder. If the number of files was at the limit we do not offer the callback.

I suggest you ‘touch’ such call files in the future so the ‘counting’ can retouch them them if necessary before moving them to ‘outgoing’. you can use that method to regulate the call files without losing them.

when you process them, maintain the timestamps

there is no -p flag with mv, but you can use cp -p file dest/ and remove the original file.

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