Cant't find Grandstream GXV3140 in Endpoint Configuration Manager

Hi Everybody,

i want to connect a grandstream gxv3140 to a freepbx (version 2.10), but i can’t find the model in the endpoint configuration manager list, therefore i’m currently unable to include this device to my endpoints/phones. can i alternatively use another grandstream model from the provided list in the endpoint configuration manager?

I too am running into this issue. Will another listed type be acceptable to use?


I’m not even exactly clear what an “Endpoint Configuration Manger” is. I have 12 Grandstream GXP1400s, one GXP2100, and one DP-715, installed at two sites a few towns apart that use one server, all working perfectly and I don’t think I used any kind of an endpoint configuration manager.

It is a module available for download within FreePBX. It lists several other grandstream models but the GXV3140 is not one of them. I think we were both looking to en mass configure this model of phone instead of configuring each phone individually. If you know of another way to accomplish that I know I would be interested to hear of it.

OK, understood. I have only 14 phones to configure so I did them individually. It was a bit of a PITA but not too bad. A configuration manager would definitely be worth looking at for any number bigger than that.

Back to the original question… I would ask Grandstream support:

Their people are very knowledgeable about Asterisk and will probably be able to advise you if another phone, that’s directly supported by the config manager, is equivalent to the 3140. They have bent over backwards to help me with a number of configuration issues on their phones, most of them cases of pilot error.

I dont think anyone ever added that phone to the OSS End Point Manager. I do know we support every Grandstream phone in the Commercial End Point manager which does cost money but is only 25.00.

We meanwhile dropped the Grandstreams for a number of reasons, one of them was that we weren’t able to manage them from the Endpoint Manager. Is there a demo of the commercial endpoint manager?