Can't use sysadmin to make changes/reboot

Hi all,

Having an issue across most systems I manage. I can’t seem to reboot from the system admin panel…

Nor can I seem to use the system admin panel for anything else. Span up a new system today, ran through all the updates, then when trying to do things like change hostname and change network settings for eth0, nothing applies.

Any ideas?

Upgrade System Admin and all other modules while you’re at it.

"fwconsole ma upgradeall
No repos specified, using: [standard,commercial] from last GUI settings

Up to date.
Updating Hooks…Done"

Which version of FreePBX?

Tried a different browser?


Although the same thing is happening on my two FreePBX 15 systems too… :confused:

Different browser yeilds same results…

Does anyone have any idea what logs I’d need to look at to try and find out what’s going on?

I believe it is a disconnect between your modules and your system version. Run yum update -y and see if that helps

Is that the correct command for using yum with the distro?

I’ve heard not using the proper script can cause more harm than good…

yum update -y


fwconsole ma upgradeall

Is the right way of doing it, if you don’t want to do it from the GUI.

Which “proper script” are you referring to?

That is a limitation of other distros. The FreePBX Distro uses yum for updates.

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I had some issues using yum at the command line and it broke a bunch of stuff. I seem to remember reading somewhere about updating using yum without the correct flags or some appended command it would cause issues and the correct way to do it was through the GUI.

Could be rubbish though, it is the internet after all…

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