Cant upgrade endpoint

i have two pbx’s, both are licensed for endpoint, one is on and the other is on the one that is at a lower revision, i can’t seem to get it to upgrade to the higher version and 4 or 5 other packages are dependent on it being upgraded, so they are disabled. im stumped. any ideas?

Is your support for the required module(s) up to date? If they’re not, you can’t update.

yes, see below:

Registered Modules

Endpoint Manager

Expiration Date 2044-12-07 (Updates and support until 2023-10-12)


Expiration Date 2044-12-07

Extension Routing

Expiration Date 2046-08-15 (Updates and support until 2023-10-12)

Sys Admin

Expiration Date 2044-11-19


Expiration Date 2023-06-29

Zulu Users


It looks like you have just extended the support. I seem to remember, from a recent thread, that it can take up to a day for the change to take full effect.


ah, ok, i’ll check again tomorrow :slight_smile: thanks

Can confirm this.

i can confirm this too, all my modules have updated.

I’m having this same issue. I just renewed my updates today and thus far it is not allowing an update–despite showing in the activation (sys admin) that updates are until 2023. I’ll try again tomorrow, but this is annoying being that today is my only day to setup my phones. :frowning:

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Seriously annoying issue. Just finding how to purchase the annual support took a half hour of Google searches.

I purchased a support renewal a couple of months ago on a Friday night and refreshed the activation on my server. It was Monday mid-morning before updates started coming through for the renewed modules, which I knew were a few versions behind. I was told to open a support ticket, but by the time support responded to my ticket the modules had updated. Sangoma really needs to find a more expedient way for the licensing server to talk to the update server.

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